Create Your Own DOAP

If you aren’t familiar with DOAP, please read the following before creating your DOAP.

The Homepage URL is Key!

Tools that use and search for DOAP don’t all know your project by the same name. It may have one name on Freshmeat, another on SourceForge, Debian may call it something else.

And of course, there are many projects with the same name, complicating things further.

Your project’s homepage URL is the unique identifier. If you maintain several software packages from one project website, make sure you use a specific URL for each software project. For instance, using isn’t going to help.

If you use Trac to host more than one software package, make sure the DOAP ‘homepage’ URL points to a specific Wiki page for each release.

Using the project’s homepage to search for metadata isn’t convenient for users. Ideally DOAP tools will search by the name you know a project by, then determine the project’s homepage URL and fetch the DOAP based on that URL.

Don’t worry if various projects may have different URLs for your project homepage. That’s what ‘old-homepage’ is for. Enter as many ‘old-hompage’ fields in as you need. For instance, Red Hat may have your URL as while Gentoo may have it listed as

Creating Useful DOAP

Only a few fields are required to create DOAP, but the more you provide, the more tools will be able to return useful metadata for users of your project.

Imagine a user being able to find the URL to the latest release of your software and view the changelog for that release with a simple command-line tool. The same tool could discover the subversion repository and do a checkout or launch your web browser to show a screenshot.